There are many possible settings for creating groups of women to share their stories as breast cancer survivors.

If you belong to a church, temple or mosque – approach your clergy leadership and offer to “take the lead” in forming such a group. They will appreciate that the group is not dependent upon their presence when A New Song to Sing is the resource used, and they will also see the potential of community outreach by inviting people beyond the congregation to participate. Many groups have successfully expanded the groups to include survivors of other types of cancer as well.

Other groups such as book groups, bridge groups, alumni groups, women’s support groups etc. are also filled with survivors and might respond to a new way of gathering using this resource for seven sessions.

Local libraries, YWCA’s, community centers, coffee shops etc. might also appreciate being able to offer this opportunity to the many women impacted by breast cancer.

We can all work together to allow the breast cancer journey to strengthen women’s connections with each other, with their own truth and with the Holy.

Congregations and Hospitals¬†which have run/are currently running/planning to run Breast Cancer Support Groups using “A New Song to Sing” :

West Granville Presbyterian Church – Milwaukee, WI

First Presbyterian Church – Santa Fe, NM

Holy Faith Episcopal Church – Santa Fe, NM

First Presbyterian Church – Bozeman, MT

Fourth Presbyterian Church – Chicago, IL

House of Hope Presbyterian Church – St. Paul, MN

Mercy Medical Center – Cedar Rapids, IA

Presbyterian Women: Synod of the Southwest

Various Zoom Gatherings across the country