Linda C. Loving, owner and executive director of Spirited Voices LLC, now resides in Santa Fe, NM where, surrounded by astonishing and ancient beauty, she is claiming both her inner cowgirl and her inner mystic.

As a Presbyterian pastor, Linda led and loved several congregations around the country, taught preaching at McCormick Theological Seminary, and most recently served as chaplain in a retirement home. She has led retreats and spoken at many national gatherings. Before attending seminary, Linda served in a variety of roles in a Milwaukee hospital, while completing graduate work in hospital administration.

Linda’s undergraduate training in Theatre at the University of Michigan fueled other career endeavors. She has performed in professional and amateur companies in the Midwest and recently made her Santa Fe debut as Scrooge! In addition, for over 30 years and 90 performances she traveled the country with the one-woman drama JULIAN by J. Janda, which she also filmed in England. The wisdom of medieval mystic Julian of Norwich has had a profound impact on Linda’s journey and theology.

After surgery and treatment for breast cancer in 2010, Linda began writing her book A New Song to Sing: Breast Cancer as Journey of Spirit.

Linda’s gypsy spirit has led her to almost 80 countries, with a particular soft spot in her heart for Upper Normandy where she has spent time writing the last three summers. When at home she loves good books, movies, great restaurants, art history and, to be honest, HGTV.