A Letter to the Sisters – Introduction – Guidelines for Gatherings 

Chapter 1: Name That Tune – Naming ourselves and sharing our stories of diagnosis • Naming the Holy and acknowledging that we are not alone • Expressing our desire for a new song

Chapter 2: Catching Our Breath – Creating breathing space for Spirit • Acknowledging both breath- less anxiety and gratitude for each breath of life • Becoming grounded in the new terrain of breast cancer survivorship

Chapter 3: Spiritual Whitewater Rafting – Practicing the art of surrender when life seems (and is) chaotic and dangerous • Cultivating the courage to surrender despite the desire for control • Cherishing the surprises and benfits of surrender

Chapter 4: Fattening Our Spirits in the Thin Places – Considering spiritual vulnerability • Cultivating awareness of unity and mystery • Awakening to transformative moments

Chapter 5: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Cultivating courage for truth telling • Releasing negative energy • Increasing self-compassion

Chapter 6: Let the Future In – Revisiting long-held dreams • Reaffirming our life purpose • Seeking holy guidance for the next steps

Chapter 7: Homeward Bound – Considering our legacy • Embracing courageously the practicalities and realities of death • Claiming our ultimate home in God, freeing us to live our truest selves


A Final Letter to the Sisters – Notes